Marseille at a Glance

A Bit of History About Marseille:

Marseille, first called Massilia, was founded twenty six centuries ago by Greek sailors who discovered this sheltered cove and welcoming harbor in 600 BC. Today, archeological excavations have proven this belief, bringing to life the myth of Gyptis and Protis, whose union brought about the growth of the Massilia settlement.

Marseille: The sea, the islands, the calanques and 2,600 years of history...
The oldest city of France is more vibrant than ever!

Geographic Location:

Marseille is the largest major city in the south of France and is the capital of Provence. Marseille stretches out over 57 kilometers of coastline and is home to nearly one million residents. Marseille has a very large and predominant service sector, is the second most important scientific city in France, and the port of Marseille/Fos is the main port of France and of the entire Mediterranean.

Marseille and the Provençal Kitchen:

Marseille boasts a rustic and healthy cuisine using fresh ingredients, olive oil and generous amounts or flavor and aroma from regional plants.

Soupe au Pistou: A flavorful vegetable soup.
Bouillabaisse: One of the most famous culinary specialties of Marseille, a bouillabaisse is a fish stew containing different kinds of fish, shellfish and vegetables and is served with a rouille and grilled bread that has been rubbed with garlic.
Aioli: A garlic sauce that is usually served with steamed vegetables and fish.
Ratatouille: A mix of vegetables that are stewed with local herbs.

Tomatoes à la provençale, Provençale stew, etc... An abundance of regional specialties to delight every enthusiast.

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Marseille, the city with sporting events for everyone: football, rugby, etc...!